Hey everyone, welcome to my page. My name is Nick, and I’m a gamer. This is what this blog is about.

I have been gaming since I was 4 years old. So my goal here is to post video game materials such as reviews, previews, guides, history, and pretty much everything that pertains to gaming.

I am by no means the best there is. I am just a humble college student who likes to do this sort of stuff.

Valgaming is just a name. Well, half of a name with gaming stuck on the end. My gaming tags include:

Bh | Va|ence [J] (Mainly source games (ie Counter Strike Source, TF2) among other first person shooters on the PC)

bhvalence (This is my xbox live gamertag. Yeah thats me. Find me and revel in all my glory ! Laugh at my embarrassingly low gamerscore !)

Valence (Mainly use this as a forum name or misc. games)

I have other tags as well, but used mainly for MMOs and stuff like that. If you want to know which games I play just ask.

Enjoy my site. Have a look around…read some stuff…yeah.


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